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Mon, 23 Oct 2017 10:51:38 GMT
Japan PM Shinzo Abe promises to handle North Korea threat Shinzo Abe pledges strong "counter-measures" against Pyongyang after a decisive election win.
UK diver swims to safety after Australia shark scare John Craig says he was initially "followed" before making his way to safety in Australia.
China lifts ban on stinky cheese Import ban on Roquefort, Brie, Danish Blue, Gorgonzola and Stilton to be lifted immediately.
Sherin Mathews: US police find body in missing child case The three-year-old went missing after her father sent her out of their home at 3am as punishment.
Typhoon Lan hits Japan leaving three dead The storm brought floods and mudslides, leaving over 90 injured and hundreds of flights cancelled.
Australia tightens security checks on airport staff About 140,000 employees will face random testing for explosives in a security crackdown.
Players ‘applaud’ Xi Jinping in Tencent game The game, which celebrates the Communist Party Congress, lets users "clap" Xi Jinping by tapping their phone screen
Military cadets killed in Kabul minibus suicide bombing It brings the death toll from attacks in Afghanistan to around 200 in this week alone.
Pakistan: Player reports match-fixing approach - Pakistan Cricket Board A Pakistan player has reported an approach by a match-fixer, according to the Pakistan Cricket Board.
How Thai King's funeral looked in 1926 Rare footage of the 1926 funeral of Thailand's King Rama VI shows traditions likely to be repeated.
North Korea crisis: How to talk to the world's most secretive country What goes on behind closed doors of unofficial talks between US and North Korea?
New Zealand to hold cannabis referendum within three years Its surprise new prime minister-elect gives some policy clues as she limbers up to rule in coalition.
'We're not going to have war' South Koreans say they have been reassured by the country's show of military might.
Deadly typhoon kills three in Japan Hundreds of homes in west Japan were flooded.
Pakistan’s only sign language cafe The family-run cafe like no other where you have to sign to get served.
India's first complete transgender couple are hoping to marry Sukanyeah and Aarav met at a gender reassignment clinic. Now they're planning a wedding.
Shock and awe Data show the top leader has overseen a clear-out of officials not witnessed since the days of Mao.
Reel controversy Mersal, which rails against steep taxes and poor healthcare, raises the hackles of the ruling BJP.
Naked Indonesia Public nudity is strictly forbidden in Indonesia - and life is tough for the local nudist community
Can Nepal's temples be saved from the rubble? Nepal's temples are in danger of being lost forever, more than two years after a devastating earthquake.
Sticks and axes Witnesses tell the BBC how men with sticks and axes started one of the world's longest conflicts.
Wonder down under The "wonder from down under" has been free from recession for more than a quarter of a century.
Justice for Qandeel? The influential Muslim leader in Pakistan is now accused of instigating the murder of Qandeel Baloch.
Evoking nostalgia The final vehicle left the production line on Friday, in what many consider a symbolic moment.
Xi Jinping: A speech that spells power Xi Jinping's grand speech even had members of his own party checking their watches.
Meet New Zealand's new PM A promise of "someone different" and a hard-fought coalition sees Labour's young new leader become New Zealand PM.